Friday, 4 March 2016

R.A.I.D. AGM 2016

The message at our AGM was that if you submitted a comment to the Dunton Garden Suburb consultation last year, you now need to copy it over to both the Brentwood and Basildon Draft Local Plan consultations. The submitted comments were of such high quality that the councils had no comeback. Instead they threw the joint consultation aside without the individual responses we were entitled to. Then they went right ahead and continued with plans for the development in two halves. Brentwood are now calling their half "Dunton Hills Garden Village" while Basildon refer to their part as simply "Policy H10". If we now submit the same comments again to both consultations they will have to respond. If you have time to edit them to fit the wording of the new draft plans that would be even better.

R.A.I.D (Residents Against Inappropriate Development) is now one year old, and the need for action is as strong as ever. In addition to hundreds of hectares of green belt under the threat of housing development we now have the Lower Thames Crossing with one of the route options passing within 200m of the Basildon Boundary. Our AGM attracted only about 40 people, suggesting that many residents here are either becoming complacent or are losing hope. We still can and must fight these developments. 

The up-side of having a smaller gathering at the meeting was that the audience participation was very good and many worthy points and questions were raised during the talks. The meeting was recorded so you can see it here if you missed out. Better still, come along to our second meeting on 16th March 8pm-10pm. This will be at Friern Manor in Dunton Village at the heart of the proposed development. Those of you who attended our meeting there last year will know what a luxurious venue it is. There is ample parking at the rear.

Link for Basildon Local Plan Consultation:
Link for Brentwood Local Plan Consultation:
Link for earlier comments on Dunton Garden Suburb consultation: 
Link for Thames Crossing Consultation:

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