Thursday, 12 March 2015

Public meeting with politicians tonight: James Hornsby 7.30pm - 10pm - Save The Green Belt

This evening the RAID campaign group (Residents Against Inappropriate Development) is holding a public meeting with local politicians to discuss the proposed Dunton Garden Suburb development of up to 6000 homes on the Basildon/Brentwood green belt. The consultation for the project will end next week on 16th March and we need residents to submit informed objections to the councils via

The meeting will be at James Hornsby High School assembly hall. Doors open 7:30pm (today - 12th March) for an 8pm start until about 10pm. Parking is available at the school via the entrance off Leinster Road SS15 5NQ.

There will be a twenty minute video documentary prepared especially for the meeting showing the important wildlife already found at the DGS location under the guidance of Dr Annie Gordon; conservation specialist for the Essex Wildlife Trust. This will include some timelapse video sequences that captured the remarkable animals that come out at night when nobody is around.

The presentation will also be asking pertinent questions about why so much green belt land is under threat despite big words from the government about protecting it, and how are they going to pay for all the infrastructure needed to support the thousands of homes they want to build. To answer these questions we have no less than 9 local politicians including 4 Basildon Councillors, 3 Brentwood Councillors, 3 Essex Councillors and 4 candidate MPs

At the end of March parliament will dissolve and the parties will publish their general election manifestos. The election polls now show Labour and Conservative equally placed with little chance of a majority. UKIP, Lib/Dem and even the Greens will be vying to be part of some kind of coalition so every vote for any party will play a big part in the result. The occasion has never been better to pressure them with our opinions about what matters to us. Our political panel will be made of 2 Conservative, 3 Liberal Democrats, 2 Ukip, 1 Labour and 1 Independent.

The housing shortage is already determined to be one of the major election issues and we need to let them know that the green belt is not something we are willing to give up. There are better solutions to the housing crisis if only our government had more vision. We need to have a good turnout at the meeting to show the politicians that green belt issues are also important to us.

If you cant make it along in person we will be webcasting at (sound and video quality may be low)

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