Friday, 20 February 2015

Thurrock Drop bombshell response on Dunton Garden Suburb

Thurrock Council's Planning Policy Team have provided a hard hitting response to the Dunton Garden Suburb consultation being run jointly by Basildon and Brentwood councils, detailing numerous points of concern in relation to the planned development. In their ten page comment they responded

Thurrock Council acknowledges that both Basildon and Brentwood Councils are undertaking revisions to their local plans with strategies that seek to accommodate the Objectively Assessed Need for each authority within their own borough boundaries. Thurrock Council welcomes this approach in principle. However Thurrock Council is very concerned about the proposed Dunton Garden Suburb concept and has fundamental objections on grounds of:

  • Significant impact and harm to the openness of the Green Belt;
  • Coalescence of settlements;
  • Detrimental impact on the landscape;
  • The lack of certainty regarding deliverability of the development;
  • Lack of detail on location and phasing of such a development;
  • Lack of detail on the viability of such a proposal;
  • Impact of the scale of development on adjoining housing markets and ability of
  • Thurrock to deliver its housing;
  • Infrastructure Delivery and funding;
  • Impact on strategic highway network - A127, A128 and A13;
  • Impact on the local highway network including within Thurrock;
  • Lack of transport modelling and mitigation measures;
  • Impact of possible LTX crossing route on land and infrastructure capacity;
  • Concern over the deliverability of a railway station at Dunton;
  • Assumption and scoring in the SA/SEA.

In the full report which we have copied to Thurrock Council enters into lengthy detail on each of these points, with very little to say in favour of the proposed development. With the boundary between Thurrock running along the C2C railway line at the edge of the Dunton Garden Suburb, it will be hard for Brentwood and Basildon to ignore this onslaught from a major party potentially affected by the proposed development. 

Hat-tip to Naomi Cooper of the Bulphan Village Community Forum for posting the document to the Dunton Garden Suburb facebook group.

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