Friday, 13 February 2015

Startup Meeting 3

The Dunton Garden Suburb action group (tentatively renamed as Residents Against Inappropriate Development) held its third startup meeting at Friern Manor Hotel in Dunton on Wednesday. Once again the attendance was impressive with a room setup to take 200 looking full. 

Our special guest on this occasion was Conservative MP Stephen Metcalfe who pledged his support and gave good advice. We also had good representation from Basildon Councillors. It is encouraging to hear them promise to vote against the development when they get the chance. Sadly the Brentwood Councillors and MPs only sent excuses for not coming so we still have not heard from anyone willing to speak in favour of the plans. I think it says a lot that nobody is sufficiently confident of their argument for the development to stand up and explain it to us. It is also beginning to become clearer where our opponents are to be found, i.e. the Brentwood Town Hall. 

Here is the video of the meeting. Thanks to all those who spoke and thanks to the Friern Manor staff for being exemplary hosts. 

We have one further meeting before the Dunton Garden Suburb consultation ends. It will take place at James Hornsby School assembly hall on the 12th March 7.30pm. The format will change a little with a new video presentation and a focus on some of the deeper issues around the development and its impact on the area. Hope to see everyone there.

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