Friday, 20 February 2015

Council meeting questions video

Questions relating to Dunton Garden Suburb and broader issues of planning to build on green belt have been asked at recent Essex and Basildon Council meetings. I have been along to these meetings to exercise the newly won public right to record these meetings. Here are the results.

The first question was asked at the Essex Council meeting by Councillor Kerry Smith regarding the lack of secondary schools in regard to Dunton Garden Suburb and also the traveller site proposal. At the Basildon Council meeting we had questions from the public and member questions from Councillor Byron Taylor and Councillor Nigel Le Greeley.

Kerry Smith had also tabled a motion to express concern over the Dunton Garden Suburb development. Due to a lengthy debate about the council budget there was no time to hear any of the motions. However towards the end of the budget debate the council leader Phil Turner managed to bring up the subject of Dunton Garden Suburb and gave some hints that made me think there was a good chance there would have been a lot of support for the motion. I did not manage to video what he said but there will be an official audio recording posted soon

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