Thursday, 29 January 2015

Dunton Garden Suburb Action Group startup meeting 1

On Monday (26th January 2015) the Dunton Garden Suburb Action Group held its startup meeting at Great Berry Primary School. For those of you who could not make it here is the video of the event.

The meeting was chaired by Derrick Fellowes who is a veteran of previous campaigns in the area including a fight against TESCOs that was taken to a public inquiry and won a compromise deal for a supermarket rather than the huge hypermarket they wanted. He also led the CLASS campaign for a secondary school for Langdon Hills and Laindon Park which despite a well researched fight only brought us false promises. Now he leads our new battle against the potential loss of green belt to a massive housing project designed to pin down social levels in the area so as to keep house prices low for the benefit of London's underpaid workers.

Our special guest at the meeting was Councillor Mike Le Surf who is the Labour Parliamentary candidate for South Basildon and East Thurrock, a seat currently held by Conservative MP Steve Metcalfe who was represented at the meeting by Councillor Brain Little. We were delighted that other councillors also took the trouble to come to the meeting. Local Councillors Steven Hillier (Conservative) and Linda Allport-Hodge (UKIP) were also present and provided some very useful expert advise about how to make comments to the consultation count. Independent Councillor Kerry Smith who will also be standing as an independent in the general election also gave his view. We were really spoilt to have so many leading local politicians present to bolster our campaign.

Another very valued speaker was Danny Lovey of the Dry Street campaign who gave some very interesting background information. We hope to work closely with Danny and other local activists who have already done much work in the area.  

Our name "Dunton Garden Suburb Action Group" is provisional and we welcome suggestions for a more snappy name with a catchy acronym.

Look out for news of more meetings and videos.

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