Friday, 30 January 2015

Dunton Garden Suburb Action Group startup meeting 2

This is the video for the second group startup meeting which was on Tuesday 27th January at St Johns Church, Langdon Hills. We again had at least 120 people and welcomed special guest Linda Alloprt-Hodge UKIP Councillor for Langdon Hills. She brought along with her Ian Luder UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for South Basildon who is also the former chair of Thurrock and Badildon Hospital, and Frank Ferguson UKIP Councillor Lee Chapel North. 

As well as supportive speeches from UKIP we heard from Mike Andrew of the Billericay Action Group and and from Danny Lovey of the Dry Street campaign. They had some very interesting things to say. 

There were also representatives for Labour and Conservative but we could not record everything due to lack of cancorder batteries. I have ordered some spares for future meetings.

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