Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Advice for submitting comments to the Dunton Garden Suburb public consultation

Basildon and Brentwood councils are inviting comments from the public about a proposed development of 4000-6000 homes on green belt land to the West of Basildon. This would be unnecessary loss of green belt land and we are urging residents to send objections so that we can stop it happening. Everyone in the region will be affected by increased pressure on infrastructure such as roads, rail, schools and hospitals. Look out for other posts on this blog with more details.

You have until 5pm 17th February 2015 to make your views known. See for how to go about it

How many objections will be needed to stop it? We don't know so the more the better but it will be quality that counts as well as quantity. So if you don't have much time a short objection giving your main reasons is good enough, but if you do have time then please say more. The points of objection that most people are concerned about are:-

  • Increased traffic on the roads such as the A127 and the cost of improvements
  • The threat to existing train stations from the new proposed station at Dunton
  • The plans for a large traveller camp inside the development
  • The high density of housing proposed
  • The pressure on existing schools and the huge cost of building new schools
  • The increased demand on health services in the area especially Basildon Hospital
  • The unnecessary loss of green belt land to urban sprawl
  • The loss of habitats for protected wildlife species
We have had good points of advise on how to make our objections count from local councillors. Keep them general and factual rather that personal or emotional. Avoid any language or tone that is not politically correct, otherwise you input will just be ignored.

There is no restriction on who can comment and you can submit more than one per household. Use a different registration on the consultation portal with different e-mail address for different people to make them count. Once submitted you cannot delete or edit comments but you can add new ones even under the same name.

If you have some time and are good at searching for information on the internet or elsewhere then it would be very helpful if you could research any of the important issues in more depth and submit your conclusions to the consultation. Detailed reports will have a more powerful effect especially if you can provide hard facts, statistics and references to well-researched studies or government legislation and policy. If you are looking at infrastructure needs then estimated costs are especially relevant. Subjects which are particularly significant include wildlife and the importance of green belt, realistic housing needs, and the required infrastructure, but if you have important information about more specific points that you think are important then please don't hesitate to find out more and write about them. 

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